07th Dec2011

Cinta Cenat Cenut Season 2

by admin

Cinta Cenat Cenut comes again! This teen drama series seems have a lot of viewers since premiered in Trans TV. Now this television station broadcast the latest series of this teen drama in Love Cenat Cenut 2. In the latest episode, clad teenage drama musical nuances of this again presents a phenomenal boy band SM * SH, with a story of love and friendship that is not less interesting than the previous episodes.

Love Cenat Cenut premiere episode tells the story of two SM * SH is back on stage after two years of entertainment vacuum. Previously, some of its personnel is told there that go to school abroad. Others are more soluble in each activity with a plunge solo career.

In this new campus, SM * SH met with Candy (played by Faby Maecelia), a tomboyish girl band that really likes to eat candy and gum (so remember novel Lupus!). He and two temannyam Raka (played by Joshua Otay) and Chandra (Aira Sondang) who joined in the band hated the arrival of Bubble Gum SM * SH on their campuses. Arguably, Bubble Gum is a sequence Antis (anti-SM * SH)

Cinta Cenat Cenut 2 is on Trans TV every Saturday, at 20:30 pm


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